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Break Diver Bhavya Bhandary
  • DIVER: Bhavya Bhandary
  • CATEGORY – Good Samaritan
  • DIVE: Volunteer
  • LEVEL: 1
  • REQUIREMENTS: Level 1 (Has volunteered at least 2 hours)

When and why did you decide to start volunteering?

In October 2016, I enrolled in an ‘Employability Course’ at RCLC (Reading Community Learning Centre) in the UK. RCLC is a charity that provides education & support for women. After joining the course, I got to know how the employees and volunteers worked hard to bring happiness in others lives. Seeing them I realized how our small efforts can make lasting positive changes in someone’s life. So I decided to volunteer.

Where did you complete two hours of volunteer work?

I volunteered at RCLC & WEA (Workers Educational Association) for 5 months.

How did you discover this volunteering opportunity?

I discovered about the volunteering opportunity through my friend.

What is your advice for someone who is pursuing this dive?

Decide which field in which you wish to become a volunteer. There are many charities who work for social cause. You can find good opportunities at VolunteerMatch, including opportunities to volunteer here at Break Diving! In fact, I volunteer at Break Diving now. I always like to work for charities that help others to receive education and find happiness. Helping others gives my self-esteem a boost and provides me inner peace.

How did you prove you met the requirements for this level?

References from charity employees and other volunteers that I shared with the Break Diving Dive Committee.

Please share a story from these two hours of volunteer work. (Title, plus three paragraphs minimum).

From WEA: WEA is a charity which offers a variety of courses including employability courses in childcare, social care, customer care, teaching assistance, & English. I was assisting as a tutor in an English class. I was responsible for supporting students with reading & writing at a very basic level. In the class, I had the opportunity get to know about people from different countries & their cultures. Students were from the Middle East, Asia, South Africa & Europe. There was one student who was around 65+ years old. I was amazed to see how she was learning a new language & she made me believe that if you are determined, then there is no age limit to learn or achieve your goals in life.

From RCLC: At RCLC, initially I was volunteering to maintain their website. Then I teamed up with another volunteer named Carla to create a new website. It was an amazing experience. I had a prior IT background, but did not know much about website design or applications. Carla was a web designer. From her, I learned about website development & design tools like Photoshop & Illustrator. We worked together for hours at the library. When completed, we were amazed to see our website, live on the internet!

Will you be pursuing the next level? If so, what is the next level, and what is your plan? If not, why not?

Yes, I am pursuing the next level by volunteering here at Break Diving. I volunteer at Break Diving as a Ruby on Rails full-stack web developer, and also assist with marketing and accounting.

And having made this post, and provided adequate evidence to the dive committee, Bhavya Bhandary is now hereby certified by Break Diving, Inc. as: GOOD SAMARITAN – VOLUNTEER – LEVEL 1.  Congratulations Bhavya!  Thank you for being an inspiration to others!

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  1. Sajan Regmi

    Always up for volunteering activities, was involved as a rotaractor in rota year 2016/17 as a vice-president. Had lots of experiences of social services.

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