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Break Diver Ileana Argyris
  • DIVER: Ileana Argyris
  • CATEGORY – Coder
  • DIVE: Frontend
  • LEVEL: 1
  • REQUIREMENTS: Level 1 (Knows the basics.)

When and why did you decide to become a front end developer?

I started dabbling in frontend development to customize my MySpace profile. I then went on to help my cousins with their websites for their classes. In high school and through college, I created websites from scratch and maintained WordPress sites for the clubs I was in.

How long did it take for you to reach this level of proficiency from the day you decided to pursue it, and why did it take that long?

I took my first steps into coding about 15 years ago. Why did it take me this long to get to where I am now? I simply didn’t focus on it. The seed that had been planted in my young, impressionable brain was to focus on becoming an engineer. So, I focused on becoming an engineer while doing web development on the side. During that time, I did not focus on improving my skills. I focused more on just getting the tasks done.

It was only last year (2018) that I decided to take front end development seriously. I received a scholarship from Google to pursue the Frontend Web Development Nanodegree with Udacity and started leveling up my skills. I am proud to have received the degree (see below).

What do you think is the hardest & easiest part about this dive and level?

The hardest part about frontend development is how much there is to learn and remember. Frontend developers must worry about cross browser compatibility, accessibility, search engine optimization (SEO), responsiveness and how to tie everything together. If you haven’t worked with programming languages before, you will also find that learning JavaScript has a slight learning curve compared to HTML and CSS.

The easiest part? Google and Stack Overflow become your best friends! If you run into a problem, 95% of the time someone has also had the same problem and posted the solution on Stack Overflow, saving you the time and the headache.

What is your advice for someone who is pursuing this dive?

There is a lot to learn, but don’t give up! All coders have been at the same place as you. Having a supportive community where you can ask questions, show your projects, and get feedback makes a world of difference. A supportive community helps you when you are at your lows and when you’re stuck and gives you other perspectives on problems and topics that you might not have considered. Hint: Join

How did you prove you met the requirements for this level?

I shared my personal portfolio page at and also my Udacity Front End certificate:

View Full Certificate:

I am also part of the Break Diving coding team, and the staff members have all confirmed that I have met the requirements for this dive and level via my github pull request log.

Please tell us a story about this dive.

One time while I was coding a website, I was adding styles to the stylesheet but the styles weren’t changing. I checked to make sure that everything was spelled correctly and that it was targeting the right element… Still no luck. I looked back and forth between the stylesheet and the HTML and everything was written correctly. I was extremely confused with what the problem was. I finally found the solution after several minutes of frustration. It turned out that the HTML wasn’t referencing the stylesheet! Moral of the story: If your CSS or JavaScript isn’t working, before you do anything else, check to make sure you’re referencing it in your HTML file!

Will you be pursuing the next level?  If so, what is the next level, and what is your plan?  If not, why not?

I am making a career out of frontend development! I will continue learning and applying what I have learned while also helping others who are beginning their journey into frontend development.

And having made this post, and provided adequate evidence to the dive committee, Ileana Argyris is now hereby certified by Break Diving, Inc. as: CODER – FRONTEND – LEVEL 1.  Congratulations Ileana!  Thank you for being an inspiration to others!

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  1. Wow congrats i would love to get where u at so what keeps u driven?

    1. Hi Delvin! Solving problems keeps me driven! The thrill I get when I complete a project or challenge gives me the confidence to keep moving forward. I’ve also learned that we can’t operate at 100% at all times, so there are times where I have to step back and do some self-care before getting back into things. The most important thing is to just keep moving forward. A step, regardless of how small, is a step forward.

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