Ileana Argyris
Break Diver Ileana Argyris
  • DIVER: Ileana Argyris
  • CATEGORY: Coder
  • Level: 1
  • REQUIREMENTS: Level 1 (Know the basics of HTML & CSS)

When and Why Did You Decide to Pursue This Dive?

I started working with HTML and CSS in 2005 to customize themes on Myspace. Back then, social media had a wide range of customization options available and everyone wanted to customize their profiles and show off their personality and style.

As a kid, I had a lot of free time and wanted to be ‘cool’. Changing the HTML and CSS on my Myspace to add flashy gifs and colorful backgrounds was a way to do that.

How Long Did It Take For You To Accomplish This Dive At This Level From The Day You Decided To Pursue It, And Why Did It Take That Long?

I did not truly understand the basics of HTML and CSS until much later. In 2017, I decided that I would pick up website development again.

I started working through the FreeCodeCamp curriculum, which helped me brush up on my HTML and CSS, especially because much of it had changed from when I first began coding. In total, I would say that from the moment I focused on learning HTML & CSS, it only took me a month to learn the basics.

What Was The Hardest Part About Achieving This Dive Level?

The hardest part was keeping myself motivated to learn. The hardest part about achieving this dive level was actually sticking to it.

When I was younger, I was motivated by creating cool things, so I learned it as a way to create said cool things. However, back then, there weren’t many tutorials that took you from no knowledge of HTML/CSS to an advanced level. If you wanted to customize something, you had to search for specific terms and hopefully find what you were looking for. It was mostly a game of guess and check.

What Was The Easiest Part About Achieving This Dive Level?

The easiest part, by far, was learning HTML and CSS again the second time.

Today, there are so many tutorials and videos that make it very easy to learn! These courses teach you everything you could possibly need to know, filling in all of the blanks for you so that you can have good coding habits. Back when I was first learning, I wrote a ton of spaghetti code. [Editor’s note: spaghetti code is code that’s messy, unstructured, and all over the place.]

What Is Your Advice For Someone Who Is Pursuing This Dive And Level?

  • Learn the basics right the first time. Learning good coding habits in the beginning is easier than correcting bad habits later.
  • Remember that practice makes better.
  • Be easy on yourself when you create your first site. It won’t be pretty, but at least you MADE it!
  • You will get better with time and experience.

What Are Some Of The Best Resources You Recommend to Those Pursuing This Dive at This Level, And Why Do You Recommend Them? Please Include Relevant Weblinks, If Applicable.

I recommend:

Tell Us A Story Of One Of Your Adventures While Pursuing This Dive.

In 2005 I was customizing Myspace themes. I took code from sites and changed the colors of text and background images. Anything to make the site look better.

Two years later, I was helping my cousins create websites for their homework assignments. These assignments mostly used site builders, but my HTML and CSS knowledge definitely came in handy!

In high school, I continued creating websites. I made a website for my school’s robotics team. At first I created HTML & CSS sites from scratch and created graphics for menu elements. They eventually moved the site over to use WordPress for easier customization.

I also created sites as part of homework assignments in high school.

After high school I went to college and studied computer science. Just kidding, I studied mechanical engineering. However, my web development story did not end there. In college, I developed and managed sites for the engineering societies that I was a part of.

I eventually graduated college and went on to become… a front end developer.

How did you prove you met the requirements for this level?

1. I work on the Break Diving Coding team. I helped to build some of the front end features. All staff there verify my HTML and CSS coding abilities.

2. Here is the link to a landing page I created as a FreeCodeCamp project:

3. Here is my personal website, which I created using html and css:

Will you be pursuing the next level?  If so, what is your plan?  If not, why not?

I will be pursuing the next level! I love working on the front end of websites. I want to get better at creating interactive websites with CSS animations and transitions.

And having made this post, and provided adequate evidence to the dive committee, Ileana Argyris is now hereby certified by Break Diving, Inc. as: CODER – HTML/CSS – LEVEL 1.  Congratulations Ileana!  Thank you for being an inspiration to others!

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